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Simplest way to order anything with WhatsApp in Gandhinagar


In the current routine of us, it’s very tough for us to go somewhere to buy our regular household and electronic devices. In order to insufficient time and inconvenience of moving somewhere to find something that fulfills your needs exactly, the era of online shopping and e-commerce website began.

It is so easy now to use e-commerce websites for ordering the stuff we need with the convenience and quietness with the options of many services to obtain. It is still a bit hard for one to order through different apps and website for different products and services and one also has to face trouble with long delivery time. This might end up to order cancellation and the product is available locally but still, he/she is not able to reach and get it.

What if the whole scenario of ordering changes and makes you feel more comfortable to order anything for your necessity. In the current situation, there is one application installed on our smartphone anyway which we use daily for communication and things like that. It is WhatsApp obviously!

Have you ever thought of using WhatsApp for ordering anything we need from the local book store or restaurant? Doovery is the answer to this question which provides one the same services from WhatsApp that we have to get an extra app for it. Everything you need to order anything from anywhere can be delivered through just a message and get it delivered.

Doovery provides more than 89 services to their customers which goes from restaurant food to stationary delivery from the only stop. There are many services which help you get the things you need in your regular life like stationery, medicines, documents printing and scanning, laundry and food delivery from the places where there is no chance to get food.

We are a company building a network of delivery people ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

Some of our popular services are Grocery Delivery, Food Delivery, Medicines Delivery, Laundry Pickup & Dropoff, Cake Delivery, Courior Service and 84 more services.

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