Real Examples of How People Use Doovery

Here are the some of the requests we received on WhatsApp

  • Doovery, I have send you the prescription. Please deliver the medicine at my home today.

  • Doovery, I need 2 plates assorted vegetarian steamed and 1 plate fried momos from Momoman. Also glitter tubes and stamp pad by 3.30 today.

  • Hi. I wanted to place an order for one chicken dum biryani (half) from Dawat at Infocity. And 2 chicken momos from Darz Food.

  • Doovery, I need Andhra Spicy Dosa, 1 Plain Dosa, 1 Curd Rice, Diet Coke, and sub of the day delivery from subway.

  • Doovery, I need flower delivery from local florist in gandhinagar for my friend's birthday tomorrow.

  • Doovery, can you send cake from local shop in gandhinagar to ahmedabad quickly. I need an urgent delivery.

  • Doovery, I need 3 gujarati and 5 punjabi thali delivered at my office.

  • Doovery, I have placed the order on dominos website. Can you pickup and deliver the at my home in evening.

  • Doovery, I need to send courier documents to Banglore.

  • I need books delivered from Crossword Store in infocity. Also stationary and some semester course book.

  • Doovery, I need multicolored lighting for decoration from electronic shop.

  • Print my semester notes and deliver to my hostel. I am emailing you PDF.

  • Doovery, Please deliver fresh vegetable and fruit juice from shop near my house. I am sending you the list.

  • Doovery, I need chicken shawarma delivery and 1 cake around 1/2 kg chocolate flavour

  • So, what are you going order from Doovery?

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