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Cash Delivery to your doorstep in Gandhinagar

In the era of digitization and globalisation, the issue of carrying a lot of cash along while going somewhere to travel or shop is solved as cards and digital wallets are being handy and more convenient to use to buy any service or product. There is a bunch of mobile wallets connected to your bank accounts and cards which are providing you comfort and exciting offers if used.

Credit Cards. Cash Delivery in Gandhinagar

It has let everyone forget risk of having lost the hard cash or worries of making wallets heavy. People don’t have to go to ATMs more frequently to withdraw cash and that saves their time too. Doesn’t it? But what if you are urgently in need of cash at some remote places in Gandhinagar and you are going somewhere and are getting things done for that and don’t have time to go and collect cash from ATM or bank?

ATM withdrawal. Cash Delivery in Gandhinagar

You have exams going on and are planning vacations after that but are not able to go to the ATM and collect cash as you are busy in studying for the same; You are at some point where there is no option of paying  through e-money and having shortage of cash; You’re busy in your schedule and need cash to pay for the things or services which only accepts hard cash; The ATM near you is out of service or our of cash.

In all the scenarios and many more, Doovery with their cash delivery service, offers their customers a unique delivery of cash in Gandhinagar with just a single message on WhatsApp and one can pay them through net banking or available wallet options.

Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 currency notes. Cash Delivery in Gandhinagar

You can send cash to your loved ones who are away from you and you’re worried about their convenience. Doovery at this point, works just as your friend to get you cash moved anywhere across Gandhinagar trough Cash delivery service.

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