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The new era of delivery services

Doovery is the leading alternative to individual local service provider. With over 89+ services across city, we provide passion and technology to help you adapt your life to new era.

Local System is Broken

Local commerce is broken

Unorganised Market, Old System, Corrupted Middleman, Poor Margin, Unsatisfied Customers, Wrecked Policies, Low Payscale, Unempowered Retailers. All needs to be upgraded for new millennials and generation Z era.

Better way to hyperlocal delivery startup

A better way

Driven by a spirit of exploration, we’ve been at the center of changing the local commerce. We shape the world around us for betterment of our future. We have built the delivery and commerce system for local businesses and service providers that will help them flourish their business for everyone living in the city and for the country economy.

Evolution to local commerce. Powered by you

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